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Hôtel Le Vizzavona***

A little history...

The Vizzavona is a mansion built in 1904, near the train station, by the Guitera family.

The cottage which is attached to the hotel was the carriage house on the ground floor,

and upstairs was accommodation for the grooms.


Turned into a hotel called the Moderne Hotel in 1922 by the Grimaldi family,

the property was taken over by Mr Roure in 1996 and given the name I Laricci.

In 2015 we were completely taken over with this beautiful English cottage-esque style. We called it THE VIZZAVONA to make it a place which reflects authenticity and hospitality.

This mansion of the early twentieth century, and spacious rooms overlooking the park and Monte d'Oro are real havens of peace. Calm, comfort and scenery will be

at the rendezvous of your stay in Corsica Center.


From Le Vizzavona, you will enjoy discovering our beautiful region,

the magnificent Vizzavona forest, the English waterfall and the villages around us.

Our engagement

The Vizzavona, establishment committed to a sustainable development approach

Our establishment with 10 other island hotels has joined the RISPETTU project to reduce its environmental impact and reduce its operating costs.

This project in favor of sustainable development makes it possible, based on studies carried out in establishments receiving the public, to find the appropriate means to reduce the impact on climate change. The goal is to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions of the hotel industry and the consumption of water, energy, the amount of waste. To this project is added an identity dimension with a consumption of local products from local agriculture. Ultimately, the project plans to measure and communicate to customers the environmental impacts of hotels through a label. We have joined this ambitious project which is part of the national dynamics of environmental labeling. As indicated by the UMIH Corse in its statement : 


"Corsica, a forerunner, is among the first regions to engage in environmental labeling, while a national deployment project will soon see the light of day. The UMIH Corsica, through this project still pioneering, demonstrates the commitment of the sector on the Island of Beauty to preserve the long-term natural heritage so much appreciated by visitors. With nearly 3 million annual nights in Corsica, the economic and environmental challenges for the sector are enormous. "

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